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Series » B » Bionic Woman » Season 1

Bionic Woman Season 1 Episode 0 - Unaired Pilot

Release year
Action, Sci-fi, Thriller
External Links
A re-imagining of the popular 1970s TV series about improving a human woman with cybernetic implants. The story focuses on a brilliant college drop out, Jamie Sommers, trying to take care of her rebellious deaf sister after the death of their parents. Her love interest, a college professor of Bio-Ethics leads a double life and works for a secret government agency capable of improving humans with specialized nanites and bio-synthetic organs/appendages. The first attempt at doing so failed when the prototype Sarah grew too powerful to control and decided she no longer wanted to be a lab rat and revolted. Using her military background, she managed to force her way out of the facility after killing many scientists. Sarah would latter lead to the near death of Jamie by driving a semi into her car. The crash killed the unborn baby within her, fathered by the professor. Through the work performed by the professor and the agency, he managed to save Jamie's life by giving her a new arm, leg, eye, ear, and replacing most of her blood with the nanites, giving her great regenerative abilities. Originaly, Jamie rejects her implants angrily. The man in charge of the facility, Jonas, reminds her that most of her now multi-million dollar body is owned by the government and that she could, at any moment disappear from the world. Jamie manages to leave and unknowingly has a chat at the bar in which she works with Sarah. The implants begin to activate and Sarah introduces herself as the version before her. After an attempt on the Professor's life by Sarah, the two have a large battle which exposes both of their weaknesses. Jamie decides she will work for the agency and help it with its missions but on one condition: she still has control over herself and isn't owned by anyone.
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