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Series » B » Bionic Woman » Season 1 » Episode 2

Bionic Woman Season 1 Episode 2 - Paradise Lost

Release year
Action, Sci-fi, Thriller
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As Jamie slowly adjusts to her new life with her bionic body parts, and dealing with the murder of her fiancée Will, she continues to keep the true nature of herself a secret from Becca who continues to be rebellious and causing trouble in school. Jonas, the head of the Berkut Group, approaches Jamie to help her adjust and to start her training under the guidance of the agency's martial arts specialist, Jae Kim, who was once the fugitive Sarah Corvus love interest. Jamie is introduced by Jonas to her the Berkut Group's therapist Dr. Ruth Treadwell, along with her supervisor and handler, Antonio Pope, and her maintenance handler Nathan to help her. Jonas then sends Jamie on her very first mission to a small Oregon town where a mysterious outbreak wiped out all the town's residents and it may be terrorist related. Jamie and Ruth must try to find the source of the outbreak and it leads to Jamie and one survivor being targeted by rouge soldiers responsible for the whole thing. Meanwhile, Jae secretly meets with Sarah to try to make up for lost times.